Environment Matters

Airsprung is dedicated to eliminating any negative impact on the environment. As one of the UK’s largest bed manufacturers, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and achieving net zero by 2050.


One of the ways we’re making a difference is through our innovative recycling structure. Our entire site is ‘Zero waste to landfill’, and we’ve partnered with industry leaders to create a circular recycling process that transforms fabric waste into comfortable padding for our mattresses.


We’re also making changes across the business to reduce our energy needs. Our main factory is transitioning to LED lighting, and our showroom has recently completed the process of moving away from Halogen and Fluorescent entirely to LED. This is equal to a massive energy reduction of 80%. Our main factory has replaced the current air compressor to a much quieter and more energy efficient model. The state-of-the-art unit is air cooled so the only waste is hot air which is recycled in to the factory for heating. With its more efficient start-up and ramping down to match demand throughout the day, it delivers a reduction in energy of around 17%.
Our Swanglen factory has also now completed the transition to LED lighting and the offices are following suit.

 We’ve also worked closely with our retail partners to minimize the impact of our fleet by implementing reciprocal ‘back-haul’ arrangements to reduce the number of trips with empty vehicles.


As a leading member of the National Bed Federation, we’ve been closely involved with the creation and implementation of the ‘NBF Pledge for Our Planet’, a five-point pledge designed to encourage continuous environmental improvement across the bed industry. We were among the first companies to sign up to the pledge, which includes commitments to reducing global warming impact, waste, and products’ impact on the environment.

In addition to signing the pledge, we’ve also adopted the Ecodesign Principles set out by the NBF. Ecodesign is a key element of government thinking and is part of a global move towards greener economies in future. By identifying products, services, and practices that constitute good ecodesign, we’re doing our part to make sure our beds and mattresses have lower environmental impacts throughout their life cycles.

Under our Airsprung brand we have recently launched the ‘Eco’ range using these Ecodesign principles. The range features many components that are recycled, and crucially, recyclable at end of life. We have carefully sourced materials from some of the leaders in the field. One of the key components in the range is Repreve Our Ocean ® fabric. This revolutionary fabric collects plastic bottles from areas within 50km of coastlines that do not have a formal waste or recycling system and transform it in to into certifiable, traceable, high-performance yarn.

At Airsprung, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the sustainability movement in the bed industry. By taking responsibility for our actions and committing to a journey of continuous environmental improvement, we’re making a positive impact on the planet while also creating high-quality, comfortable beds and mattresses for our customers.

Recent Initiatives

The group have replaced the first of its diesel powered fork lift trucks with the latest electric powered units.