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When is a spring not a spring?

We’ve just launched the Hush premium pocket mattress. There are quite a few on the market but very few, if any, like Hush.

Most rolled mattresses out there are purely foam blocks but Hush is different. This mattress features full size pocket springs exactly as you would find in traditional mattresses.

And the important phrase here is FULL SIZE. Some of our competitors boast a pocket spring but take a look at the image above to see what we call a spring compared to what they call a spring.

Look at the website for more info or to buy the Hush Premium Pocket Mattress.

The revolution is here!

The revolutionary new easyturn system is here. Launched at the NBF bed show, this system cleverly addresses the issue of ease of turning. Quality mattresses will have better fillings and often more of them, this traditionally makes the mattress difficult to turn. Of, course you could buy a no-turn mattress but often this leads to a shorter lifespan. Hush-a-Bye’s solution is ingenious. Why turn the heaviest part of the mattress (the springs) when this section receives little wear. So we have made the top part of the mattress double sided, which allows you to turn the mattress with ease, even single handedly.

There are three models in the range with either 1000 or 2000 pocket springs.

Of course actions speak louder than words so have a look at the video on the website to see just how easy easyturn is.



It’s here.

The new Hush Premium Rolled mattress is here.


The Hush Premium Mattress has landed and we are thrilled with the result. This style of mattress has become like the cool uncle of mattresses. Over recent months there have many newcomers to the market but these are mainly foam, with some offering micro-springs too. The Hush Premium combines memory foam and full length 18cm pocket springs. The best of both worlds. 

The difference with these newcomers is that the Hush mattress has been created by Airsprung, which has 145 years’ of manufacturing experience. Beautiful, stylish and incredibly practical.

Visit to get a bit of the action.

NBF Show 2016

Well there we are; another year and another fantastic bed show. Anyone who’s anyone has a stand at the annual exhibition and it’s the place to be for buyers and commercial specifiers who are looking for the latest products and developments in the UK bed market. 

 Airsprung has been working tirelessly to create a naturally beautiful range and this week we were finally able to show them off.

We had a giant tree, a boutique room and a team of people who were ready and raring to talk about the new and exciting future at Airsprung.

We met some fantastic people and we are really pleased with the overall response. If you were there then hope you had a great time and we’ll see you again next year!

Turning convention on its head.

For many years, Hush-a-Bye beds have been recognised for quality, value and customer service. The brand is proudly supportive of its bricks and mortar retailers, supplying a wide range of stylish, mid-market pocket sprung beds. Hush-a-Bye offers a truly flexible approach with the ability to produce special sizes and bespoke options. This gives the smaller, independent retailer a fantastic opportunity to offer a choice and allows them to demonstrate a real point of difference. The retailer support does not end with the product however, as sales director Andy Richards explains. “We recognise that independent stores have much to offer that the internet can’t match. Most obvious is the personal interaction with the customer, backed with a deep understanding of the product. That is why we run training days for our retailers.” With a complete run-through of the features and benefits of the entire range on and a factory visit, there is something for everyone, whether you have been selling beds for 20 years or are new to the industry.

Innovation has been key for Hush-a-Bye beds for many years; previous debuts at the Telford Show include Coolwave. This latex gel range tackles the challenges of delivering the benefits of foam support without the heat issues associated with memory foam. Since its launch, it has been a great success and will be on show again this year. What Coolwave demonstrated was the desire to tackle problems from a very different perspective. For example, most companies start with a warm product such as memory foam and then try to make it cooler, where Hush-a-Bye started with latex, an inherently cooler material. Added to the latex is a cooling gel that has been shown in independent tests to absorb heat considerably slower than memory foam, thereby keeping the sleeping surface much cooler.

Andy, however, is not content to stand still however, as he says; “At Hush-a-Bye we look for the real issues that customers are concerned with and then solve them. For example, better quality beds such as ours tend to have more fillings and are therefore heavier. This means that ‘turnability’ is a real issue for many of our customers. “The standard approach to this issue has been to make the mattress ‘no-turn’. This, however, can have an impact on longevity due to settlement. Hush-a-Bye has turned this convention on its head and tackled the problem from a different angle. The ingenious solution is called Easy Turn and is being launched at the Bed Show 2016. Andy is very excited for the range, “We believe this is a fantastic solution and I can’t wait for our customers to be able to try it for themselves.”

Airsprung links with school community

Airsprung Beds are proud to be working with a number of Wiltshire primary schools in a new initiative to donate leftover fabric and materials to school projects. The new link means that primary schools will have regular access to materials which can be used for art, textiles and drama projects. The factory on Canal Road in Trowbridge usually sends all leftover materials to local recycling plants.

The Digital Marketing Analyst for Airsprung Beds said, “We’ve had such a great response from schools who are collecting our leftover materials. We are really looking forward to seeing how the children use them and we are so pleased we can help our local school community.”

You can follow our story on our blog and if you are a local school or charity and would like to be involved, please get in touch on 01225 779103.

The Running Man Challenge

Airsprung Beds may be a 140-year-old company, but last week #TheRunningManChallenge showed that you can teach an old dog new tricks. The challenge has been trending on social media for the last two weeks and a multitude of people are getting involved including British police and celebrities such as Piers Morgan. We had some fantastic volunteers taking part in the video, which can be found on the Airsprung Direct Facebook page so please visit our page and give us a ‘like’. Who knows what the next trend may bring, but we’ll be ready!


Meet the Sleep Scientist

The Sleep Council have released a series of short funny videos to raise awareness of some of the key reasons for investing in a new bed on a regular basis – instead of waiting until it collapses or until you can’t stand the aches and pains from an uncomfortable bed any longer.

On the video below he shows you how to make sure your bedtime doesn’t turn into a mite’s mealtime – a mattress over seven years old has absorbed two baths of bodily fluids and half a stone of dead skin! Yuck!

The full set of videos can be found here and you can see more about the work of the Sleep Council at




Innovation is key for Hush-a-Bye.

Innovation is the key word for Hush-a-Bye Beds. Last year’s Bed Show saw the introduction of a new gel infused latex range branded Coolwave®, and the revamped range will be launched at this year’s show. The original concept behind Coolwave was to tackle the inherent problem with memory foam mattresses, i.e. overheating. As Andrew Richards, sales director at Hush-a-Bye explains; “There are many gel infused memory products on the market, but starting with a ‘warm’ product and then trying to make it cooler didn’t seem to make sense to us. So we started with an inherently cooler product that offered the same pressure relieving properties and looked to make that cooler still.” Latex is a well-established material and has many advantages over memory foam. As Andy says, “We were convinced by  independent research that show that Coolwave latex gel not only absorbs heat more slowly than memory foam but also shows that heat and moisture penetration is reduced significantly. Added to that, latex recovers its shape considerably quicker than memory foam.” The Coolwave latex range has a completely fresh look for 2015, and the rest of the range has also been enhanced with a new range of non-turn mattresses, all featuring pillow tops.

The major innovation for Hush-a-Bye this year is the ottoman bed. Over the last few months, this model has undergone a stringent safety process with FIRA, as Andy explains, “There is obviously room for improvement with the standard ottomans that are on sale in the UK today. Our in-house NPD team devised a new model and worked alongside FIRA to address these safety issues. We were delighted when FIRA came back saying that the thorough risk assessment conducted by FIRA ensured that it is one of the safest products of its type on the market.”

Overall, it is looking like a busy show for Hush-a-Bye, Andy concluded, “We have always been proud to support the ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers and we hope they will be excited to see the exclusive innovations that we are bringing to them.”